January 27, 2007

Pillaging Downtown LA

"Where are we going to lunch today?" asked CLo.

It was an unsolved mystery even when CLo, me, and Eva started walking out of our office building on Friday. Like a sign from God, CLo's brother was there and he told us about one of the new joints in Downtown LA.

"It's a pirate bar and grill," said Mario. Obviously, he had my full attention.

The X really marks the spot for Redwood Bar and Grill on 2nd and Broadway. I mean, the X is on their awning. You can see it a block away.

They opened their door appropriately on Talk Like A Pirate Day in September. The "nautical themed" spot is on a little dimmer lit side but makes it perfect. I felt like I just walked into either a saloon on a pirate hideaway or the captain's quarter on the Burly Mermaid.

The menu has a great variety at a very reasonable price for being a Downtown dig. The most expensive thing on the menu is $14. I mean, $10 burger is THICK and comes loaded with fries.

Eva and I split their special, pork roast sandwich topped with sweet potato chips and a side of frieds. (Oh...the dream I have about those damn chips!) CLo had the Waldorf salad. Mario had the variety fried cheese--mozzerella, fontina and majon with a side of chipotle aioli.

Everything we ordered was fantastic. The pork was tender. And I like I said, those damn chips! CLo salad was mighty tasty. The fried cheese? Oh. My. God! The aioli brings it all home. Actually Eva and I were stealing some of that smoky and spicy goodness for our fries as well. Heh.

The brew selection is also impressive. On tap are Guinness, Downtown Brown, Stone, 1903, Sierra Nevada, Heff and something else. The bottled selection is even more extensive. Duvell and other ales galore. What more could a snooty, beer loving, one-beer wonder ask for!

But like what I told Dev, the co-owner. Pirate themed bar that serves Guinness on tap? And that sweet potato chips? You guys have my soul. (And I haven't even tried your sweet potato fries or mussels and chips yet!?)

The Redwood definitely earns Captain Bubbles' seal of approval. Yarrrrgh!

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