June 3, 2007

Roman Saturday

I made two things in Giada's Day Ahead Dishes yesterday, the Roman-style Chicken and potatoes and onions.

Oh the sauce. THE SAUCE! It's so fricking fantastic, guys. I actually saved the sauce so I can dip some bread in it as a meal later or something. It was just fabulous.

The only thing I changed in the chicken recipe is that instead of 4 chicken breasts and 2 thighs, I used a family pack of chicken thighs which had 12. So much cheaper than getting a pack each of breasts and thighs and quite tasty. I had to brown the chicken in 2 batches, yielding a lot of oil at the end so I poured that out and saved about 2 TBS. to continue with the recipe. Otherwise, everything was all according to the recipe.

As for the potatoes, of course, I substituted thyme for rosemary. And I cut up one onion into chunks instead of using the bitty pearl onions. Because I'm lazy like that. LOL.

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