August 11, 2007

Gaffey Street Diner Part 2

Brandon and I went back to the Diner today.

We got to try their specials today. Our waitress, this classic diner waitress blonde with mascara'ed lashes, brought us a little sample the sauces to go on cheese omelettes. One is the Mad Dog Omelette, topped with beef stroganoff. The sauce is VERY tasty we would gladly eat it straight or with noodles but cheese omelette doesn't sound like a good pairing. Then there's the chille verde which wasn't stella, but it wasn't horrible. We also sampled the homemade salsa in a container at our table. Now THAT was some tasty salsa!

Brandon, knowing his strength, ordered biscuit and gravy with a side of ham (steak). I, also knowing my strength but decided to take one for the team anyway, ordered the John Wayne Special. The steaming plate of corn tortilla topped with fabulous home fries, 2 eggs over medium topped with cheese, 2 sausage patties and the whole thing topped with this Spanish sauce.


I managed to eat most of the eggs and left behind half patty of sausage. Never big on sausage to begin with but our waitress said next time I can have that however I want, with bacon or ham, scrambled eggs instead of over medium, whatever.

Our waitress came back to bring an order waffles to the table behind us. Thick, Belgian waffles with whipped cream on 4 corners topped with fresh strawberries, even as full as I was, made me turn my head. The "Ooooooooh" escaped my lips.

The waitress laughed and told us about the French Toast Supreme, one of today's specials. French toasts stacked high with whipped cream, fresh blue, black, rasp and strawberries and toasted sliced almonds. She promised that if I come in next Saturday, she'll just bring that right out to me.


And here I am, in a very uncomfortable yet blissful food coma. Ah.....

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