March 16, 2008

Black and Tan Cake and Cupcakes

My Saint Patrick's Day tradition of the Guinness stew continues this year as I just put the big ol' vat of the stew in the fridge, awaiting tomorrow's reheating.

*UPDATE -2010* I have since found a different Chocolate Guinness Cake recipe by Nigella's recipe that is a complete and total hit. I will not let you suffer through this dry cake so I have removed the recipe and link for this one.*

For dessert, this year I am going with the Chocolate Guinness Cake, a recipe directly from Guinness Proposition 317 campaign kit. But instead of using the chocolate granache that came with this recipe, I frost the cake with the Bailey's Dip/Frosting I made last year.

Not only you will have yummy Guinness treat, the color of the chocolate and the cream frosting does look like a pine of Guinness, the black and the creamy foam on top!

I made a regular cake version of this for Paul's birthday yesterday. The cake was a little dry, but the frosting saved the day. Today, I made the cupcake version of it with the whole bottle of Guinness instead of one cup in attempt to add more moisture--it's only a splash more beer than a cup anyway--and it worked okay.

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Life is good said...

Great way to enjoy Guiness without getting drunk !!...brilliant !...erk! (burb)

Chocolate and Guiness = two of my favorite things.