April 14, 2008

Semi Homemade Garlic Fries

A while ago, I had a very strong craving for garlic fries. The best I've had to date is from La Creperie in Belmont Shore. Nobody has gotten to that fantastically crispy and perfectly garlicky level. Red Robin tries, but somehow I don't like the steak fries garlicky. But I digress.

The closest thing I could do is to bake up some frozen skinny fries and toss them with garlic butter. But some days, it's just too hot or I was just too hungry to wait for all of that.

The solution: fast food skinny fries.

The experiment: One regular side order of fries from Wienerschnitzel. Not my first choice in skinny fries, but it was close to the house. I do, however, want to experiment with In N Out fries next time.

Just put a tablespoon of butter (salted or unsalted up to how salty the fries are) and finely chopped one of the smaller clove of garlic in to a small microwaveable bowl. Nuke that for about 10-20 seconds until the butter melted and hot. (If you like it with a little heat, you can add some hot sauce or cayenne pepper into the hot butter too.)

Transfer your fries into a plate. Top with the hot garlic butter. Toss to coat.

The ratio of butter to garlic to fries is just right with this particular measurement. Not too buttery or super garlicky.

It wasn't La Creperie, but it was pretty darn good. And one dangerous discovery. Totally craveable this monstrosity is!

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Life is good said...

Ooooooooo ! Garlic Fries...

I cooked home made chip then tossed with garlic butter and pasley. I did that wth fries too.

I love stinky rose (garlic)!

You gotta share your secret recipe with me. Or I will rob you at spatula(gun) point !