June 7, 2008

Steak and Egg Dinner

I watched Giada makes the Grilled Tuscan Steak with Fried Egg and Goat Cheese last weekend and I had been thinking about it all week.

Since Brandon is out of town all week, I felt a little guilty to buy any steaks from the grocery stores at they come pre-packaged in two. I could've gone to ones with a butcher shop and get just one steak, I supposed, but none of those stores are nearby.

Fortunately for me, Fresh & Easy carries single rib-eye steaks and surprisingly not-very-goaty goat cheese.

First of all, it's REALLY simple to make. I mean, you can grill outdoor or indoor, or if you're like me, you would just cook it up in your cast iron skillet.

If you're like me, you'd season your steak on that little container/butcher paper it comes in. And if you're like me and not wanting to dirty up your knife and cutting board, you can just rip the parsley onto your plate. Then, the only thing you really need to clean afterward is the pan you fry your egg with.

Lazy does it simpler! Haha.

While the steak rests, I used the same pan to fry the egg--just had to swirl the leftover fat around the pan and then bring the heat way down from cooking the steak earlier. See? One pan!

I served this with a side of spring mix salad tossed with just Italian dressing.

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