June 12, 2008

Top Chef finale

Congratulations to Stephanie! She deserves it. I think she has great skills and her personal development through the course of the show is just inspiring.

Although, my bet was on Richard. However, as Ted said, there will be much more good things coming his way. I totally believe it! (Awesome blog entry, by the way.)

And yes, ring the bell for the fact that the certain "bronze medalist" didn't take the cake. Making existing Thai food your own by topping it with new ingredients doesn't make you innovative.

I voiced my opinion on LA Times' blog and to Ted's blog on Bravo as well.

Now, I'm on to So You Think You Can Dance. Hahah!

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me said...

I eyed Stephane as the winner after half of the season. Richard is an awesome cook and has been voted rising star by Starchefs.com before. He has cooked for top chefs like Daniel Boulud. Like many said, this season is for him to lose. And he did because his cooking style took so much risk. We saw fine examples on previous season. His technique is far better than any contestant but taste, plating and execution of the dish matter. Plus, he is under pressure to win so he can start his restaurant and baby on the way. I am glad Stephane won... She has billion dollar sincere smile. And I totally agreed that making Thai dish her isn't creative. I actually like Dale cooking but his attitude got him kicked out.