August 22, 2008

Dinner Possible - A Crossover

I have been blogging over at the Temple quite a bit these days as some of you might have noticed. In order to bring my two food blogs closer, I started to implement a few changes.

First, you might notice my little feed on the side from the Temple. I'm doing the same thing over at the Temple with a feed from HFG.

Now, I'm going to also bring over Dinner Possible segments from the Temple. It's pretty much my favorite recipes that I cooked up recently with a twist of having most ingredients bought at Fresh & Easy. They're good recipes that apply to groceries from ANY store, so I think I should probably cross-post so y'all can enjoy them too.

Here goes the most recent Dinner Possible post from the Temple. Next time, I will post tandem. :)

Dinner Possible: Roasted Chicken and Croutons

I was supremely inspired after watching him made the Proper Chicken Salad. Essentially, he roasted chicken thighs in a pan on top of pieces of ciabatta bread which turned out to be some awesome croutons in the process. He also made his salad dressing from scratch.

I took shortcuts by buying a bag of romaine and bottle of Caesar. Didn't I tell you guys I was lazy?

However, I did follow Jamie's recipe on the chicken and ciabatta almost to the tee, except that I substitute thyme for rosemary (Brandon doesn't like rosemary), added a few lightly smashed clovers of garlic in the mix, and used bacon instead of pancetta. Also, after laying on the bacon, I roasted it up to 30 minutes extra because the bacon refuses to crisp up.

The bacon layer:

properchicken (2)

The chicken layer:

properchicken (7)

The crispy delicious crouton layer:

properchicken (11)

I also served the meal differently. Instead of shredding the chicken for a salad, I featured the chicken thigh, bacon, and the croutons as a main course with salad on the side. It worked out very well that way as well. This recipe feeds 4.

Oh, and I don't know how but we ended up with a handful of romaine, a few croutons and strips of bacon leftover to have for lunch the next day.

The Fresh & Easy version totaled up to about $4 per person with extra chicken and bacon for future use.

properchicken (17)

ETA: When I made this the second time for the pictures, I decided to do a pan gravy as well. Just dumped some flour into the leftover grease, cooked that up, and deglaze with chicken stock.

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