June 29, 2009

Bison Burgers

Brandon and I rode our bikes out to Alamitos Bay Farmers Market a couple of Sundays ago. Amidst the fruits and vegetables, I spotted a sign that said "Grass-fed Bison".

Naturally, I popped on over.

"So, what cha got?"

The kindly gentleman behind the table said, "Everything".

Ken of Lindner Bison didn't have to tell me about the humanely raised, sustainable agriculture, grassfed and grass-finished bison with lower fat and higher nutrients, and all of that.

I was already sold at the word "bison".

This is also the one area Brandon one-upped me in the eating department. He had bison before, having practically spent most of his summers in New Mexico.

So we bought a pound of burger. For about $10.

Was it worth it?

Every. Single. Penny.

Ken told me to just season it with salt and pepper and onto the grill. Because bison meat is very lean, I should cook them to medium rare to medium to stay juicy.

On the way out of the market, I picked up spring onions and a bag of fresh ciabatta rolls to accompany the burger.

I halved the spring onions and drizzle some olive oil on it, and salt and pepper. On to the grill they went. I also lightly grilled ciatbatta bread for Brandon.

With the meat, I did just as Ken told me to do. One pound of meat. Salt. Pepper. Divided into 4 portions. And on to the grill!

Bison Burgers

There was barely anything dripping from anywhere on my grill pan from the burger. There was more oil from what I rubbed onto the spring onions grilling on the other end.

The meat was like the most flavorful beef I've ever had. Absolutely delicious on its own. Yet, enhanced with a side of grilled onions.

Beefy without ANY grease. Tons of flavor. Delicious.

I would love to have a stock pile of this fabulous meat in my freezer. However, since we're saving for a house over here (yey!), we'll have to settle on a monthly Tatanka treat.

Bison Burgers

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