June 8, 2009

Gone bananas

ETA: Just realized I could be counting this as my new recipe goal #5!

Indeed, I went a little banana on Sunday afternoon.

I have 3 ripe bananas sitting on my dinner table and a very ill husband on the couch. What's a girl to do but to go grocery shopping and then bake, bake, bake!

Not to mention with Mr. My Head Hurts So Bad I Throw Up can use some nutriants. And bananas are good for nausea and help with replenishing loss potassium and what not.

So I picked Giada's Banana Muffins with Mascarpone Cream Frosting recipe from Food Network and went out to pick up extra ingredients.

banana muffins (3)

I also add one not-so-ripe banana to the 3 very ripe ones. Doesn't seem to affect anything there. Oh, and I omitted the walnuts because I can't really chew them with braces and Brandon isn't keen on nuts.

Well, remember how I'd bitch once in a while that the Vons by my house sucks? They might have finished with the renovation in there, but they still don't carry anything worthwhile.

Like, you know, mascarpone cheese?

Not wanting to drive to another grocery store, I figured I can substitute with more cream cheese. So, 3 oz. of cream cheese plus 1/3 cup extra = 6 oz. of cream cheese. And it works out well for me taste-wise. I'm sure it'll have different flavor if you actually use mascarpone, but in a pinch, all cream cheese still works.

In hindsight, I wonder if the mascarpone might help stabilize the frosting a little bit. Our apartment got a bit warm with the baking and I found my frosting a wee bit melty. With my extra cream cheese substitution, the frosting is essentially a whipped honey cream cheese butter. It doesn't quite stay put as frosting when warm...but OH MY GOD is that good on warm muffins!

Besides, B can't really stomach the creaminess of the frosting right now. The muffins were better left naked. So I put the frosting in a tub and put it in the fridge and frost as I go.

Using 1/3 measuring cup to spoon the batter into the cups, I actually ended up with 24 muffins.

It's a good thing I made that many because I pretty much had 3 of them for dinner last night. LOL.

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