February 14, 2011

Drago Centro Loves Me

Last week, Drago Centro (@dragocentro) in Downtown LA held a twitter contest: tweet what your relationship is like in terms of chocolate truffles. The winning post would win said truffles handmade by their pastry chef, Jashmine Corpuz (@jasHmineCorpus).

On Monday, I tweeted this: "Dark chocolate w/ salted caramel: harden & bitter on the outside, sweet & gooey on the inside taken w/ a grain of salt."

Well, we are! Brandon and I are not romantics. But we're insanely cute when there are just the two of us. Well, *HE* is insanely cute. I'm just kind of there, laughing.

The prize went to @carolineoncrack's "dark choc w/ bourbon & hint of jalapeno. we luv toasting us w/ bourbon."

On Tuesday, I went on a race tangent: "Husband contradicts yesterday's post. He said we're white chocolate with rice crispies because he's white & I'm Thai. LOL" --> "But then we'd go with coloring, we'd be more like with white chocolate and caramel..." --> "Or white chocolate and lemon cream. Or saffron...but that would make me more Snookie..."

The prize went to @robtak's "Bittersweet Chocolate & peanut butter b/c sometimes we're bitter, sometimes sweet, and at least one of us is nuts."

On Wednesday, I went straight for the jugular.

I channeled The King.


Whoever was doing the judging knows his/her Elvis. And I won. Chef Jashmine did ask to swap white chocolate for dark to balance out the flavors, and I was totally okay with that. I mean, I had this vision of Elvis in mind when I come up with that.

Although someone said dark chocolate *is* still Elvis, but in this gitup.

By the way, THAT's my favorite Elvis right there. Hee.

Thursday prize went to 's "super dark chocolate outside with a cognac filling.my lost love left me bittersweet&drunk".

Friday prize AND the big $100 gift certificate went to 's "Red chiles to represent my spicy redhead guy, bourbon for my Kentucky roots, and lime because we love to pucker up!"

Somehow, 4 out of 5 of us managed to meet up for a drink at Drago Centro when we picked up our loots on Saturday.

Rob was the first to arrive. Soon Caroline popped in to say hi and pick up her truffles. Her new puppy was waiting in the car so she couldn't stay. She left before Cari got there.

And as it turned out, Cari and Caroline's prizes were swapped! Sommelier Michael Shearin (@michaelshearin) was hanging out with us, so upon hearing about the mistake, he went back to the kitchen to see if there might be a few "flawed" cognac truffles to salvage. And there were two left.

And Cari, bless her heart, shared them with us. I'm happy that she at least got to actually taste her idea as beautifully realized at the hands of Chef Jashmine. (Sorry, Caroline!)

So we opened our boxes. Mine looked like this.


And not only they were beautiful, they were DIVINE!

Cari, Rob and I traded a few bites with each other so everyone got a little bit of everything.

Oh, and Caroline, we did like your jalapeno bourbon. Nice touch. ;-)

What a way to celebrate Valentine's Day: an afternoon with new friends, sharing a drink and some custom made truffles.

P.S. I didn't know about Drago Centro's awesome bar menu which is available all day. With full list of innovative cocktails and some $5 specials, one could find him/herself ordering a few plates and a cocktail special for less than $20. A bargain from a fine establishment like Drago Centro.

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Paulette said...

Reading these posts makes me really, really, REALLY miss working downtown. :(