April 22, 2011

Happy Accident: Chocolate Cake Shot

Having just hit my scotch newbie wall (read: about half of the Glenlivet on the rocks), I was pondering what else to drink next.

I watched curiously as the blond bombshell bartender at the Green Girl Saloon in Westminster pour Frangelico Hazelnut liquor and vodka into a shaker. What is she making? That's gotta be something creamy and delicious. But I didn't see her put any milk or anything in that. She repeated the mix a few times. It must be shots she's making, I thought. Interesting...

Then the girl shook this carton--is that salt or sugar?--to get the clumpy granules loose, ended up breaking the bottom off the carton and poured it everywhere. The carton looked like sugar.

But then I saw her served the shots up to that corner of the bar. With a wedge of lemon each.


Hazelnut and lemon?! What the heck? Eew?

I let the mystery stewed until I got home. The research shows that somehow the combination of sugar, vodka, Franglico, and lemon makes a taste of chocolate. The Frangelico Chocolate Cake Shot, to be exact.

Same method as a tequila shot but change the ingredients: lick the sugar, take the shot of equal part vodka and Frangelico, suck the lemon.

I had to see for myself. While I don't have any lemons on hand, I have PLENTY of homemade Limoncello. As past cooking has proven, once in a while, I can use my homemade citrus liquor as a stand-in for lemon juice. Very sweet, very boozy lemon juice.

So here I went. Lick the sugar. Take the shot. Sip the Limoncello.

Hmm. Wait. I'm tasting chocolate. And then...Nutella?


Who would've thought lemon and hazelnut liquor would put the chocolate taste in your mouth! The human taste buds never fail to amaze me.

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