July 21, 2012

Farm Box Adventure #3

Box #3?! But you just wrote about the boxes for the first time a few weeks ago?!

True. But remember, that box was box #2 already. I just didn't write about the very first box. Are you on the same page now? Good!

This Week's Bounty:
  • Romaine lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Avocados
  • Carrots
  • Broccolis
  • Green beans
  • Sweet onion
  • Grapefruits

CSA farm box #3

What makes getting CSA box more adventurous for my household is that Brandon is a particular eater--not picky per se but specific. He can eat just about anything as long as he doesn't have to eat things he doesn't like, like fresh tomatoes, raw onion, most mushrooms, corn, and avocado.  So, when I get a box like this, I have to figure what I can do that he can also enjoy.

Yes, meal planning can be a challenge around here sometimes. But Brandon does embrace the culinary adventures we're embarking on, and is game to try something different.

For example, guacamole is out of the picture for him, but that will come in handy for me on Meatless Tuesday.  I never cook with the giant sweet onion before, but I know for sure Brandon likes French onion soup. Alton Brown actually uses sweet onion to make his version. (But it's so hot...I don't know if I'd want a bowl of gooey, melty cheesy soup!)  Brandon also said that he'd be game to try a stuffed onion. So we shall see.

There will be some interesting experiment with this box, I can tell ya!

Box #3 Meal Ideas

Caesar Salad. Glazed carrots. Steamed green beans. French onion soup or perhaps stuffed onion? Broccoli beef.

Yes, I'm cooking Asian food. Those of you who've been following along a while know that this little princess does not do much Thai or Asian food in the house.  I'm calling up my nanny/housekeeper in Thailand for her recipe. Her beef marinade is pure magic!

As for the grapefruits, we both don't care for them. I guess I'm going to make margaritas...

Report from Box #2 

We did good with the last box. Fortunately for me, I threw a barbecue for our little apartment complex and we got to grill the summer squash and made Jamie Oliver's cucumber and olive salad.

I also put some cucumber slices into a pitcher of water so I have flavored water to drink all week. And the last little bit of it went into Rachael Ray's tomato and cucumber salad a few nights ago.

The kale was a bit of a challenge. I looked up a few recipes and went with my own take of a beer-braised kale with bacon. While I couldn't stop eating the thing, Brandon didn't care for the fibrous leaves. I think I undercooked it a bit.

The cabbage, surprisingly, was the last one to go.  I used half in a pot of mixed vegetables (cabbage, carrots, baby potatoes, green beans, and green peas...again, a la Jamie's) with a side of my "ghetto aioli"--mayo, a few cloves of crushed garlic, a little squeeze of lemon, and a little drizzle of good olive oil.  I still have half a cabbage left that I finally tossed into the freezer. If I have any green beans left, I'll probably bring that out to make chicken vegetable soup adapted from a Weight Watcher recipe I got from someone's mom years ago.

But where are the pictures?

I know! I know! I promise I will start blogging the recipes soon. I'm still getting used to a new schedule I'm setting myself on. I will try to get them up as soon as I can.

And now, share your thoughts! Do you have any good stuffed onion recipe?

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traci said...

Shred a carrot & apple or two. Stir in a lightly sweet Greek yogurt, a little ground cardamom for a side salad. Spiced pecans for extra crunch.

For the grapefruit, i'd suggest roasting it to try something different. Would probably work well in the 'Rita.