August 19, 2012

Farm Box Adventure #5

This week's bounty:
  • Lettuce, of course
  • Broccoli
  • Zucchini
  • Carrots
  • Green beans
  • Avocados
  • Grapefruits
  • Cantaloupe

OakMonster Farm Box Adventure

Box #4 Report

The challenge with the last box was the cabbage.  I attacked that with a summer kimchi recipe I found.  Being a lazy bum that I am, I didn't get to the Korean market to purchase the actual Koren chili powder (gochugaru)--I experimented with my own blend with arbol chili, chili powder, cayenne, and paprika. It was a success to a degree, but after I portioned it out for a few folks to try, I decided to toss it out. Just not up to my standard. Next time, full scale recipe!

I did make colcannon-- sauteed cabbage mashed in with potatoes--with frozen cabbage from a few weeks before to go with the bangers I got.  I never knew that cabbage and potatoes would take THAT good mashed together!

However, Southern California weather had heated up considerably these past few weeks. I barely cooked anything! The green beans and the carrots ended up getting blanched and frozen because I just didn't want to slave over the stove in this heat.

Meal Ideas for This Week

I am going to test out a new cocktail recipe for the grapefruits. As tasty as the margarita has been, it's time for a change. :)

I will definitely re-do the awesome beef and broccoli recipe again. This time I will take a picture of the end product and will post recipe...eventually.

The carrots will get glazed. The green beans will get steamed. I'm unsure of what I'm going to do for the protein yet but that's the game plan so far.

Zucchini is this week's contender.  I have done zucchini soup two ways before, so I might revisit the hot zucchini-leek soup as I wasn't a big fan of the chilled one.

Do you have any good zucchini recipe that does not involved turning on an oven?

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