May 1, 2014

Going on the Hobbit Diet

I haven't updated the blog since LAST YEAR? What?

I guess that's what happened when most of the new recipes you made are for work.

So, hello friends! I'm happy to see you are still hanging around. ;-)

This year, I set a goal to eat like a Hobbit, seven times a day, for a month out of curiosity. Right. Who else would try to follow a fictional diet!

The internal debate (between me and the voices) became where I should post the progress. While is the main blog, it will be a little bit about the food I eat too.  So, I'm thinking a compromise is in order.

How about I post any new recipe I cooked during those 30 days here? Wouldn't that be nice?

The journey started today. And there is a recipe I tested for work and ate for lunch. But I'll have to find a photo I can use for that since I didn't even think about snapping a photo for myself. I will update soon!

Keep up with my #HobbitDiet 30-day challenge here.

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