January 24, 2007

Foodie on air

I was listening to KROQ this morning when some dude called in about "Julianna, the Italian cooking chick" on Food Network. Of course, they were talking trash about Rachael, as always. And there was Psycho Mike, also as always, defending our beloved Rachael.

Anyhoo. I wrote the Kevin & Bean and PsychoMike:
It's GIADA, not Julianna by the way. And yes, she is hotter than Rachael.

The British chick you're thinking of is Nigella Lawson. Of all the 3, I like Giada's food best but Rachael can do it in 30 minutes.

Also, Rachael + Mario Batali kicked Giada + Bobby Flay's butts on Iron Chef America.

So there you go.
To my surprise, Mike wrote back:
Best episode ever.
It's a little crazy to get a little star struck by the cast of the local morning radio show. But oh well. I heart PsychoMike! :)

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