January 21, 2007

Oakley's Food MeMe

Beth Fish turned the table on the "5 weird things about me" MeMe, making it the "5 Weird Food Things About Me". Excellent idea!

Hopefully, my blog teammates and you, my readers, would participate in this fun little MeMe. :)

I used to absolutely hate bell peppers. Once in home economics, we were chopping them up. A seed flew into my eyes and burned like crazy. So, there was one of the deep seeded--no pun intended--hatred there. But again, I wasn't all that thrilled about its flavor.

With time, I slowly recovered. Starting from chopped bits in pizza to chunks in Chinese food. I still don't like them raw nor would I eat a stuffed pepper. But now I absolutely adore roasted bell peppers.

I have an odd allergy to a mysterious compound in food. Once in a while, perhaps even once every couple of year, I would eat something I have eaten a thousand times before and I would either a) break into this rash of fine bumps around my chin and jaw area or, b) I'd feel this uncontrollable itch under my skin starting from my throat down to my chest. A Benedryl would take care of either symptom and the next time I eat the same thing, nothing would happen.

For example, when I was a kid, a batch of steamed crab did it on the 2nd day of a long weekend at the beach. My parents thought I got seafood allergy but then again, I had the baked crab the night before. Once in college, I rushed to the hospital with the rash on my throat. The doctor asked me and I didn't even have anything out of ordinary that day. A few months ago, the frozen pizza got me itching.

Yes, I had some tests done when I was a kid and again in college. It showed that I have absolutely no food allergy. And quite frankly, since I'm not going to die from a rash or an itch, I'm not going to worry about it.

As much as I love seafood, I only cooked it twice. First was some salmon steaks. Second was the Cioppino. Brandon is sensitive to iodine in seafood. He can have a few shrimps, but that's about it. More than his tolerance and he gets a massive migraine.

So, I haven't really cooked any seafood except a very rare few occasions. I want to do more, but it's just me and my B. Except, of course, when the girls call. :)

Once in a while, I crave a few pork products done up in nontraditional ways:
  • Crispy chopped up bacon over steamed rice topped with fresh ground pepper. Back home, I have that for breakfast.
  • Matchsticks of Spam fried up crispy over steamed rice. One day in college, I experimented with Spam. Up until that point, I have never had Spam. Spam to me was a "fancy American food" that came in gift baskets dad would get and mom would put away "for later". Obviously, "later" never really came.
  • Bolony or ham sandwich on white bread with butter and mayo. That is how Thai people make sandwichs. Butter and mayo.
Not really about food but about cooking. I'm not afraid of hot oil splatters or anything to do with heat and flames, but I'm skiddish around knives. If I must have a cooking injury, I'd prefer a burn over a cut. And the funny thing is, I really do have a lot less injury from a knife but I get burn all the time. Case in point, in a few days I will have a line of scar formed just above the knuckle on my right middle finger. The oven shelf "bit" me when I put the corn muffins in the other day.

Okay. I'm done sharing. Your turn!

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Beth Fish said...

You would change your mind for my stuffed peppers, I assure you.