January 16, 2007

Short Ribs and Pasta

This recipe takes 3 hours plus. Definitely not a weeknight weekend, folks. But it is definitely worth the time.

My Italian Goddess Giada's Short Ribs with Tagliatelle

My notes:

1. I didn't use the tagliatelle pasta, just the spaghetti I have on hand.

2. I didn't use the food processor for the veggies. Instead, I chopped everything up real fine and just plop the diced tomatoes and tomato paste right on top. It gives the sauce a very rustic feel. I also used baby carrots in this, sliced up.

3. If mixing sweet and savory doesn't appeal to you, instead of the bittersweet chocolate, go ahead and grate your parmesan right on top. Equally tasty!

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