March 24, 2007

My newest addiction: Yogurt Edition

Trader Joe's Greek Style Yogurt

A lady at work came in one day with the original Greek creamy goodness, Fage Total from Trader Joe's. Greek yogurt is just thick and creamy unlike the sloshy mass we get in the regular store. Also a lot more tangy but sweet enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. Sounds good to me!

When I went to Trader Joe's for them, I found that TJ's has their own brand of Greek yogurt. So I bought Strawberry, Apricot-Peach, and Honey to try.

The Honey, I didn't like plain. So I stuck it in the freezer and once it thawed out a bit (so you can actually get your spoon in it), every single bite was just heavenly. The fruity kinds are perfect in its naturally refrigerated form.

I. Can't. Have. Enough. Of. THIS!

Ben & Jerry's Half Baked Frozen Yogurt

I am not on a diet, but I try to eat healthier. Being a dessert fiend, I gave in recently and bought a gallon of Dryer's Chocolate Frozen Yogurt. It tasted like some one accidentally put water in my bowl of chocolate ice cream then thew it back in the fridge. Needless to say, I tossed that mofo out after a few scoops.

And THANK GOD for Ben & Jerry's!

While I was looking for my favorite ice cream flavor EVER, the Half Baked which is Chocolate & Vanilla Ice Creams with Fudge Brownies & Gobs of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, instead of found staring back at me the "Lighten Up Half Baked", a Chocolate & Vanilla FROZEN YOGURT Fudgey Brownies & Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

Well, may be I shouldn't be so quick to thank God for Ben & Jerry's. I mean, the Half Baked Light version is even more addictive as the original premium ice cream! I mean, now the little Devil on my shoulder screams, "It's frozen yogurt! Eat your heart out, little one!" The 80% less guilt not only allows me to eat more but it's so light so light I didn't feel weighed down.

(And now that I went to Ben & Jerry's website to research the flavors, I have found some more that I will have to try out: the Black & Tan of stout and chocolate ice cream, to support our favorite fake newsman, the Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream, and the brand new flavor Brandon can get addicted too in addition to Caramel Sutra, the Creme Brulee.)

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MrsTooth said...

Try mixing some fresh herbs into the plain version of that yogurt and serving it with some baked-up pita slices topped with olive oil, salt, pepper & garlic. Incredible.