March 28, 2007

What not to do with a roast chicken

Tried a throw-it-together recipe off the top of my head, based on Jaime Oliver's method. Tossed some potato cubes with unpeeled garlic, salt, lemon and olive oil, and threw them in my roasting pan. Rubbed some oregano, lemon, garlic, salt, and more olive oil as a paste under the skin of the bird, stuck the bird on the potatoes, put on a bit more olive oil, then roasted the sucker. Started at the whole 425, then lowered it to finish. Sounded pretty good, turned out with no flavor at all. Not sure what cancelled what, but it had to be the blandest thing I had ever tried to eat, even worse than hospital food. So next time you think Jaime Oliver's method of cooking a bird might be good, don't bother. I'm doing a standing rib roast tonight and crossing my fingers for a better outcome.


TheTooth said...

You could fix the chicken recipe by frying it instead of roasting it.

Fried chicken is always the best chicken. ;)

OakMonster said...

Jamie's "Fantastic Roasted Chicken" recipe I got from the Naked Chef is actually good. He actually parboiled the potatoes (which I more than often times overcook and ended up with buttery baked mashed potatoes), and used herb butter + pancetta to stuff under the skin. The salt has to be adjusted up, but otherwise it was fantastically roasted chicken.

Hmm...fried chicken. I STILL have to try that again. Fourth (or is it fifth?) time's a charm!

TheTooth said...

You say "buttery baked mashed potatoes" like it's a bad thing. Are you feeling ok? ;)

MrsTooth said...

OK smartass, you know I usually fry your chicken, and I know it always comes out great. But variety is always good. Really. And I must have used an older version of the Oliver recipe Oakley as the copy I have doesn't call for parboiling the potatoes. Might have to try that one. With another roasted bird. ;)