November 12, 2007

Target addiction...a riff on Oak's TJ's post

While TJ's is my usual haunt, I've discovered the joys of Target's food section as well. I will warn all that you need to find a bigger store to get the full selection. Damned Long Beach and their business laws. "Super Stores" would limit competition my butt. But I digress...

While searching for my other addiction besides cooking (baseball cards) I came across Archer Farms products in my local store. Remembering something from the Bon Appetit awards issue a couple of months ago I decided to give a few of them a shot. For the most part, pretty darned yummy. The only no-gos so far have been the cheese risotto (too much gorgonzola) and the cavatappi carbonara (I can make better from scratch). Highlights? Red enchilada sauce that is mild yet rich in flavor. Poblano simmer sauce that is excellent with chicken. Frozen appetizers that look good and taste great, especially the crab rangoons and spinach-artichoke purses. Blood orange Italian soda that rocks. Their pastas were the award winners but I would suggest trying more!

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OakMonster said...

Guilty of experimenting here, but their boxed sangria is good in a pinch. Just add chunks of apples and oranges tossed with a little sugar, and off you go.

Also, guilty of getting my "aunties" in Thailand hooked on Archer's Farms lemon straws.