January 28, 2008

Best One-Pot Chicken Yet

I came back from Hawaii to a DVR full of stuff. In there waiting for me was Giada's Turkey Osso Buco with Parsley and Rosemary Gremolata.

It looks incredibly delicious and simple I just HAD to make it. I mean, I have been away from cooking for a while. I started to get the shakes! This recipe seemed to be perfect for my triumphant return to the kitchen.

My problem? Not finding the "1/2 breast of turkey (cut into 3 pieces, preferably by the butcher) " Just a big hunk of turkey breast. So, I just went with a whole cut up chicken instead.

And of course, I added more thyme into the pot replace rosemary, and chopped up the leaves for the gremolata. For the gremolata, I used a dash of gray salt instead of regular salt. I also braised the chicken for 45 minutes, then I flipped them around and stuck them back in there for another 30 minutes.

Oh my god. The frickin' gremolata!! I mean, the dish by itself is one thing. But once you put the topping on it, it's transformed into something else heavenly.

This one pot meal quickly becomes the new favorite "Italian chicken in a pot thing" for the household.

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