December 16, 2007

Doggy Holiday

I saw a recipe for a doggy treat in Everyday with Rachael Ray a few months ago. Thinking ahead to my friends with doggies, I saved it for the holidays.

I bake quite a bit. So I figured hey if I usually have baked goods for the friends, I might as well make something for the "kids".

So today, I made Jessica Gorman’s Olive Oil and Bacon Truffles. It was simple to make and it looked quite nice for a dog treat.

All the ingredients are definitely people friendly. Of course, I love bacon so this sounds very promising. But I don't know about actually eating this though. It doesn't have any salt outside of bacon and the beef broth. So, no. I haven't tried it myself. LOL.

The one part I did different is that I kneaded the dough right in my large bowl so I didn't have to deal with cleaning a work surface. That worked out fine too. And my bake time was 30 minutes flat. The first one went for 35 and the bottom of the nuggets were bit too browned.

I rolled mine into 1-inch nuggets and I made about 60 of them.

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