May 18, 2008

Pim's Braised Chicken

Chez Pim's food blog is what this one wants to be when it grows up.

After drooling over her braised pork belly recipe for a while, Pim posted the Five Spice Braised Chicken recipe. With a husband on a diet (that I keep unintentionally wreck by bringing home treats from Lemonade), pork belly wasn't going to be an option. Besides, I don't know if Brandon would like the texture of a braised pork belly. The chicken recipe would be perfect.

I followed her recipe except for using leg-thigh pieces and that I didn't mix my own 5-spice out of pure laziness. (Pim makes her own.) I also added a pinch of brown sugar to round out the flavors and a few squeezes of lemon to brighten things up at the end. I also served mine with rice and blanched bok choy.

The chicken is obviously tender and flavorful. The sauce is just fantastic.

With the flavors like that, I start to ponder the pork belly version. Hmm....

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