May 2, 2008

Take a stand on Lemonade

I'm on YELP now. So I'll be doing double duty here and there for restaurant review. Hope you guys don't mind.

For Downtown Los Angelenos who like fresh, creative home-style food, delicious freshly baked goodies and is nostalgia for a cafeteria feel, come on down to the City National Plaza. Lemonade will be totally be your end all for breakfast (they open at 8), lunch, and snacks.


My coworker said today she was going to eat somewhere else because the staff are starting to recognize her now. She's been to Lemonade that much.

And why shouldn't she? The food there are great and the folks are very friendly. As a matter of fact, the chef was out today helping my friend with her salad. ETA: I met Chef Alan today! (wave!) You should too!

As for me, I have a little more will power so I only dream about their red cabbage, honey and apple side dish. Although, today I tried the lemon macaroons (not very traditional macaroon-y, but more of lightly crispy and chewy cookie with creamy filling) and strawberry marshmallow dipped in chocolate; they are going to keep bringing me back again and again. ETA: Chocolate-Cherry!

I had the ancho chili pot roast and despite being a bit under salted it was out of the ballpark with the spices. I just wish they'd serve it with a side of rice or mashed potatoes or something. ETA: Found a kettle of orzo next to the pot roast. Sweet.

Oh, and the lettuce-bacon-blue cheese-red onion and creamy dressing chicken salad? I say throw away the wedge, friends, and have a container of this stuff instead. ETA: Ditto the butter lettuce, blue cheese, candied walnut and vinaigrette! Yes, I'm a sucker for anything with blue cheese.

Lemonade has a lot of good, home-style food to try and they're more than happy to let you try them all. In a good size little sample cup too. The lines get a little disorganized in there but it's all because of the indecisions...too much good stuff!

Same review on Yelp!

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