July 29, 2008

Julie Watch: Day 1

This is Julie, my friendship bread starter passed to me from a friend. Julie will be my first bread that is not banana nut!

This is julie my starter

ETA: Upon reading the instruction further, I come to find out that this is NOT the traditional Amish Friendship Bread. Instead, this is the urban-mythical Hemin Bread.

Essentially, it's the same thing as the Friendship bread but someone started to add the whole Catholic myth to it. i.e. the starter came from Padre Pio of the Vatican and therefore this bread is holy. Brilliant story for an urban myth, whoever started this one.

Oh, and the whole using ONLY the wooden spoon thing is not adding any more magical element to the dough. I don't know why exactly yet--some please shed some light on this one. But I'm sure it has to do with chemical reaction of yeast and metal, and the fact the dough would stick to the metal spoon like crazy.

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me said...

Yes, Michael (Chef at Lumiere) called this yeast bitch and sour bitch(for sour dough):) They stored the bread starter in plastic tub with air sealed lid.

Metal bowls, metal containers, or Utensils will change the dough’s color to an unappetizing gray and cause an adverse reaction.

Metalic materials can keep your dough from rising while also adding a distinct metallic flavor.

I remember that since I trained in the bread baking department at former Hilton at Nai Lert Park. and probably is the only thing I remember from that training... 16 years ago.