October 13, 2008

Mr. Chocolate's surprise appearance

Last week's episode of Girls Next Door, the girls went to Madam Chocolat to make chocolate body part for Hugh Hefner's birthday.

The girls wanting their private parts cast in chocolate, I wasn't surprised about that.

"Was that...is that...oh my god!? Is that who I think it is?" I pointed at the television.

"Who's doing what?" Brandon leaned over from his computer.

"Is that Jacques Torres?! Is that Jacques Torres putting the molding stuff on Bridgets' boobs?!?"...And now he's taking the mold off of Holly's hoohah!"

"Who the hell is Jacques Torres?!"

Okay. I must admit that was a total foodie moment.

When I first started watching Food Network years ago, Jacques was the one in the morning doing his chocolate show. Ah...the great sugary constructions I could never repeat in my own kitchen!

And of course, he appears on Food Network many times after that as a judge on their challenges and what not.

But well, here he is on GND, helping his wife with their chocolate work at the shop, helping Kendar makes her "chocolate starfish". It's just...bizarre. LOL!

Mr. & Mrs. Torres and the rest of the crew, you guys are such good sport! :-D

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