November 5, 2008

Happy Little Callous

As you might have noticed, I haven't been in the kitchen in a while. My life has been orbiting around Pick Up Stix and Pizza Hut's Toscani Pasta because of my crazy schedule. This week I decided to cook a little.

I hit Fresh & Easy last night with the ingredients for a crock pot pot roast I would toss together this morning. Having watched the knife skills video recommended by Chef Jay a while ago, I decided to give the new knife grip a shot.

All I did was cutting carrots and quartering red potatoes and onion. I have this little red mark on the side of my index finger from gripping the knife on the blade, not the handle. It hurts a little right now, but I'm sure in time I will have a callous on that to compliment my kick-ass knife skills.

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