July 25, 2009

Camp Omelette

Brandon and I went car-camping to test our camping gears for one night at San Onofre/San Mateo campgrounds in San Diego.
Friday morning, we woke up on our own sweet time, stopped to buy more gears and lunch, then hit the road.

And of course, my first question when Brandon was packing the gears into the car, “Honey, where are my pans?”

Brandon had bought a set of non-stick camp cooking set. And I had all the intentions to make us hot breakfast the next morning.

As a good little Hobbit should. LOL.

Along with my pots and pans, I also packed a swig of olive oil, a good amount of salt and pepper, chili flakes, and Paula Deen's house seasoning (salt + pepper + garlic powder + onion powder). Oh, and of course, 4 eggs to cook breakfast with.

We were testing the camping food from Mountain House for dinner. Plus we really wanted to make sure that I *can* cook us dinner out in the wild once we get to the backpacking phase which we both want to do.

The next morning, I rolled out of the tent around 6:30 a.m. and started my own fire in the pit. Given, I used a lighter and a piece of paper to start it, but hey, I did it!

San Onofre San Mateo Campground

The omelette was simple. Just house seasoning to the eggs and a bit of olive oil. Originally I wanted to make scrambled eggs but the smoke and flying ashes encouraged me to put a lid on it and let it cook into an omelette instead.

It definitely took a while to cook than on stove top, but hey, we weren't in a hurry. And there's that lovely little smokey flavor to it as well.

Well, may be that was just my hair smelling like smoke from the fire the night before.

San Onofre San Mateo Campground

A couple shakes of Tobasco we had left from tasting the military MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) the night before completed the hot breakfast.

San Onofre San Mateo Campground

When we got back, I bought all sorts of little plastic containers for my spices for the next trip. Paula's House Seasoning and Tobasco are DEFINITELY a must. Also, a travel sized empty bottle for shampoo will work wonder for olive oil.

I am all set for our next adventure!

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