July 30, 2009

Vines, Brews, and Food

Our contributor Mrs. Tooth has been quite a busy bee with moving into a new home and building her dream kitchen and wine cellar. On top of that, she started her own blog at VinesBrewsFood.Blogspot.com.

Head down that direction for a more expert level home cookery than what we have going on here at this joint. ;-) And of course, the wine she drinks and the beer Mr. Tooth brews.


MrsTooth said...

Expert? Ha! Oaks, you do realize that more than half the time I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping for the best, right? And that the whole theory of testing a new recipe before serving it to guests just never made sense to me? I'm much more of a menace in the kitchen than an expert! Thanks for the linky though. Much appreciated. And I promise to have more seasonally appropriate stuff up soon.

OakMonster said...

Hey, more expert than me! :)